Welcome at the Web Infra Academy

The Web Infra Academy is a training provider that delivers IT and AI & ML courses. Our mission is to make AI & ML and IT accessible and understandable for everyone and to promote the use of AI and ML to improve the quality of life: our focus is on Friendly AI.

The Web Infra Academy is accredited by EXIN. EXIN is an internationally recognized organization for the certification of information management professionals, offering the most comprehensive portfolio of examinations.


The Web Infra Academy is a participant of the NL AI Coalition. The NL AIC is a public-private partnership that promotes the development of responsible AI.


The courses of the Web Infra Academy are also offered by our international partner Global Knowledge.


The Web Infra Academy is registered at CRKBO, a Dutch register for short vocational education.

The Web Infra Academy distinguishes itself by:

  • Offering a unique overview (in stead of attending multiple product specific courses)
  • Being practice-oriented: our instructors are NOT fulltime instructors but are active in the field
  • Explaining the dependencies and relationships
  • Giving insight into Architecture and Security
  • Giving insight into the latest developments

The Web Infra Academy delivers IT and AI & ML courses in four formats: Classroom, online/remote, E-learning and blended.

  1. Classroom, on a location of the Web Infra Academy , on location of our global partner Global Knowledge, or on location of the customer
  2. Webinar: Online/remote, live connected with the instructor, from anywhere in the world using Skype or Zoom
  3. eLearning, anytime, anywhere using your phone or tablet (App available), not interactive.
  4. Blended, a combination of E-learning added with an online or classroom session

IT courses

We deliver courses for non-IT professionals and IT engineers who need more knowledge of other IT domains and want to know about the latest developments:

AI and Machine Learning courses

Masterclass AI and Machine Learning for healthcare
Masterclass AI and Machine Learning for healthcare

We offer AI & ML courses for domain experts (those with knowledge of the subject / data, for example healthcare specialists) and IT specialists who want to start with an AI and ML project. We offer an introduction course and a masterclass for healthcare. Our focus is on Friendly AI: promote the use of AI and ML to improve the quality of life. For example by improving healthcare in third world countries by offering remote healthcare using smart edge devices.

The Web Infra Academy uses a unique pricing model: you pay per training, not per student.

Motto’s of Web Infra Academy:


Enterprise Specific Information

We offer tailor made IT training solutions by adding:

  • Integration standards and guidelines for Web Frontends and Backends
  • Security standards and tooling (Single Sign On (SSO), Security Event Monitoring (SEM), etc.)
  • Monitoring standards and infrastructure
  • Networking Architecture
  • Application Frameworks
  • Product Consolidation
  • Etc.

We are different:

  • You pay per training, NOT per student
  • Offering Custom-made Courses tailored to fit your enterprise: Multi-Vendor, non-Vendor and Vendor specific courses. We use a proven method for knowledge transfer with the customer, see our Way of Work.
  • KEEP IT STRAIGHT AND SIMPLE: Using clear communication and case histories: theory illustrated with its practical application
  • Our Trainers have hands-on experience and work part-time as course instructor: no fulltime instructors
  • Offering Certification guidance programs based on Self-Tuition


  1. Certification guidance
  2. Way of Work