eLearning, Webinar and Blended

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The Web Infra Academy offers webinars, eLearning modules, classroom training and Blended learning.

An eLearning module is not interactive and a webinar is. An eLearning module is a series of movies and questions which you can follow anytime, anywhere using your mobile, tablet or laptop. During a webinar you are live connected to the instructor using your browser (Edge, Chrome etc.) and a tool like Zoom or Skype. You can download the software for free. Blended is a combination of an eLearning module and Zoom/Skype session or classroom session.

1. Webinars

All our classroom courses are available as a webinars: you are live connected to the instructor who will present the training using Skype or Zoom. On the web page of the webinars you can find the dates:

Webinar IT Essentials

2. eLearning

You are offered a number of movies (and exercises) through our eLearning platform. An App is available that enables you to follow the course on any device (mobile or tablet). This is non-interactive : you can start or continue the training at any moment it suits you. You will receive  a soft copy of the material and other relevant documentation.

The  IT essentials training (for non-IT professionals) is now available as an  eLearning module.

The eLearning modules are offered by a state of the art Learning Management System (LMS), the aNewSpring  platform

Our eLearning platform offers a rich user experience and supports:

  • multi-device: an App is available for iOS and Android
  • Integration with the intranet (with custom look and feel of your company)
  • Interaction between the students
  • Different forms of questions and exams
  • online certificates

Blended Learning

The online courses can be combined with a classroom session or a Skype or Microsoft Teams meeting.

It is also possible to combine an eLearning module with one of the other courses offered by the Web Infra Academy.

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