EXIN AI Essentials training

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This EXIN AI Essentials training includes the Exin exam which, upon succesful completion, certifies you for the internationally recognized BCS AI Essentials Syllabus.  This classroom (or virtual) training includes 60 days access to our eLearning module. Click here to check the agenda on YouTube.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is at the moment one of the most exciting and innovative developments. You are using AI daily, maybe without you knowing about it. AI and Machine Learning have the potential to improve our lives: do the dull and dangerous work for us, but it is also an improvement for healthcare (think of an App like SkinVision). AI is an disruptive innovation that can help in decision making, predicting the market or the behaviour of your customer. AI is already vital for Cybersecurity (anomaly detection).

However, AI can be a threat for privacy and employment, also think of lethal autonomous weapon systems like drones.

In this EXIN AI Essentials training you will learn how you to use AI and Machine Learning safely and responsibly. Are you prepared for the revolution in the relationship between human and machine? Why is now the time to start with AI and Machine Learning?

You will learn the basic techniques of Deep Learning (ANN, Artifical Neural Networks), chatbots (NLP, Natural Language processing) and techniques how to learn from data, discover patterns and make predictions using data (classification and regression). We will explain the basic principles of data (science). You will learn about the most popular (autoML) tools and algorithmes. How do you setup an AI project, what are the challenges, how can you mitigate the risks?

If you click on the picture below, you will see (on YouTube) a part from our eLearning with examples of AI and Machine Learning:

EXIN AI Essentials
EXIN AI Essentials : examples

Feedback participants

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Course duration

This EXIN AI Essentials training is offered in one day.


The Web Infra Academy uses two price models: per student or per training. For more information or a quotation please contact us or use the form at the end of this page.

  • (virtual) Classroom:                 649,00 Euro per student (ex. VAT, including access to our eLearning)
    eLearning                                    395,00 Euro per student

Course dates classroom training

  • 28-09-2022, classroom/virtual
  • 07-12-2022, classroom/virtual
  • 10-03-2023, classroom/virtual
  • 03-07-2023, classroom/virtual


  • None

Target audience

Everybody who wants to understand AI and wants to start with AI and Machine Learning.

Course Agenda EXIN AI Essentials

  • What is AI and Machine Learning?
  • Examples of  AI and Machine Learning
  • History of AI and Machine Learning
  • Terminology AI and Machine Learning (Deep learning, General AI, Narrow AI, Singularity etc. etc.)
  • Why to start now: the 7 “key enablers”
  • Relationship Big Data, IoT and AI/Machine Learning
  • Basics of Data Science
  • The opportunities of AI and Machine Learning
  • Basic techniques of Machine Learning (supervised, unsupervised, reinforcement learning etc.)
  • Deep Learning, Artificial Neural Networks, classification, regression, Natural Language Processing (NLP)
  • What are the most popular algorithmes and how can you evaluate and tune them?
  • Which tools are available and what is autoML?
  • Challenges, risks and ethics of AI and Machine Learning
  • How can I implement Machine Learning (agile) in my organisation
  • Resources for learning

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