TIBCO BusinessWorks (BW) Application best practices

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This training focusses on TIBCO BusinessWorks Application Basics, Resilience and Performance best practices.

TIBCO BusinessWorks (BW) Application best practices Training

It is divided in three parts:

  1. Application Resilience basics
  2. AMX BW Application Development basics
  3. AMX BW Application Design Best Practices

XA Transaction

Figure 1: BW XA Transaction

Course Duration

One day


You pay per training, NOT per student.

In-house (in-company):

Price per day € 1.950,00 (excl. VAT)

Prices for a training at a location of the Web Infra Academy are available on request, please contact us or use the form at the end of this page.


Basic IT and Web Service knowledge

Target audience

It is intended for Scrummasters, IT managers, technical architects, DevOps engineers and IT specialists.

Skills acquired during training

  • Understand the basics of Application Recovery
  • Explain the importance of testing the non-happy flow
  • Identify the main charateristics of a TIBCO BW Process
  • Understand the process of creating a BW Process
  • Understand the concept of Subprocesses
  • Identify the different BW Activities
  • Identify BW Shared Configuration Resources
  • Understand BW Transitions
  • Understand BW Groups
  • Explain working with Transactions in BW
  • Explain working with Variables in BW
  • Identify the different ErrorHandling techniques in BW
  • Understand Message Acknowledgements modes
  • Understand the implications of the Prefetch setting on EMS


Figure 2: Caching

Understand BW Best practices:

  • General Web Service design best practices
  • Building unwired BW applications, opposed to wired
  • When to use the BW Mediation implementation type

Identify BW Best practices for integrity:

  • Enforce an order of processing
  • Avoid duplicate message processing
  • Not losing messages

Expain BW Best practices for Resilience:

  • Re-processing of messages
  • Error handling, problem analyses and audit logging
  • Use Null Activity to merge transitions

Understand BW Best practices for Performance:

  • Using Cache in AMX BW
  • Blocking versus non-blocking threads
  • Parallel processing
  • Prefetch
  • Performance enhancements messaging
  • Performance enhancements variables


Figure 3: Shared Variable

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