IT essentials Training

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In this day and age we can’t live without IT. IT is essential for modern, large enterprises as well as vital for small to medium businesses. And IT is of great influence on our everyday life.

IT is a huge field of expertise, with its own terminology/language, its own organization, processes, functions and roles.

Therefore we offer two IT essentials courses:

  1. IT essentials for non IT
  2. IT essentials for SME
  3. IT essentials for at Home

The first training is meant for those working with a large IT department, with many different software solutions and with an IT department that  probably develops their own software (or outsource). Banks, insurance companies, telecom companies, etc., almost any large enterprise has a big IT department.

The second training is meant for small to medium enterprises with a limited number of software solutions, that don’t develop their own software. But many SME’s just as much rely on IT for continuity and growth.

The third training is meant for those who want to:

  • understand how a computer works and how the internet works
  • protect their computer and data at home from virusses and hackers
  • protect their privacy on the internet

The differences between the three IT essentials courses are shown in this table:

IT essentials
IT essentials differences